A Culture of health & wellness

Through a combination of yoga, cardiovascular exercise and strength training, SRA students learn to reconnect with their bodies and appropriately manage their health, fitness and weight.

Many of the young women entering Spring Ridge Academy struggle with issues related to depression, anxiety, executive functioning and body image. The social and emotional stress these young women experience in addition to unhealthy choices in diet, lack of sleep and physical activity take a significant toll on their overall health.

Addressing these concerns requires a knowledgeable approach to working with female adolescents and issues related to emotional and physical health.

Each student attends the physical conditioning crossfit prior to the academic day, which consists of a crossfit workout. Students learn the discipline and rewards of starting each day with exercise, as well as how to incorporate healthy exercise routines into their lives back at home. Research has shown that exercising first thing helps the brain prepare for learning. Exercise is paramount in healing the brain.


Our program is designed to allow students to integrate and maintain healthy life choices.


In addition to the Physical Conditioning class, each student is required to participate in dance and yoga courses.

These courses assist the student in continuing to strengthen her connection with her body and incorporate balance and health into daily life.

At the end of each sememster, *movement classes present choreographed pieces during our Academic Awards Ceremony.


The Beginning Yoga course focuses on the fundamentals of yoga, including what it is, where it came from and what we gain from our practice. The students learn the basics of the Iyengar yoga method, emphasizing correct alignment and safe practices. Students learn practical relaxation techniques and healthy stress-releasing methods.

Advanced Yoga builds on the skills and knowledge of the Beginning Yoga class and takes a more in-depth look at how the philosophy of yoga can be incorporated into everyday life. Students learn more advanced and technical poses, and they start to develop a personal practice. With this deeper understanding and a personal yoga practice, students are able to continue yoga outside of class and beyond their stay at Spring Ridge Academy.


The Beginning Dance course is designed for students who have had no prior dance experience. Students learn the roots of modern dance and what makes it different from other dance forms. Students learn the basics of dance vocabulary and non-pedestrian movement. Through choreographed warm-ups and improvisation exercises, students learn to have fun with dance and develop a healthy relationship with their bodies.

The Advanced Dance course builds on the concepts from the Beginning Dance class and is great for those students who have had some prior dance experience. Students learn more complex choreographed movements and further develop their dance technique. This course focuses more on dance as an expressive art and as an outlet for emotion. Students learn the fundamentals of dance choreography and contribute to making a dance piece for performance.

*All movement courses culminate the semester with a choreographed presentation during the academic awards and presentations.


Self-care is the practice of personal health maintenance.

For students entering SRA, self-care may have become a low priority due to issues related to depression, anxiety, immaturity and negative beliefs about self-worth. Learning and practicing appropriate self-care reinforces healthy and mature behavior and self-enhancing beliefs regarding self-worth, value and competence. Taking on age appropriate responsibility for self-care gives our young women the confidence and ability to create lifestyle choices that promote health and well-being.

The diet at Spring Ridge Academy provides a variety of healthy nutrients offering students the opportunity to expand their palates and learn to nourish themselves appropriately without relying on food as an escape or soothing mechanism.

Students enjoy a balanced menu consisting of whole grains, high quality meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. We also assist the young women who have an unhealthy relationship with food, whether through avoidance or dependence, to reframe their feelings and attitudes.

Learning to care for the body and make healthy choices is a life skill


Whether a student has a background in competitive athletics or is interested in trying something new, there are a variety of athletic teams and opportunities offered at SRA

Whether a student has a background in competitive athletics or is interested in trying something new, there are a variety of athletic teams and opportunities offered at SRA

Soccer • Basketball • Volleyball • Softball • Cross-Country

Teams practice after school, during extracurricular time. Games are scheduled with schools and independent teams in the area. The cross-country team enjoys access to 5K, 10K and half marathon races in the area.

High school athletics represent a valuable opportunity to experience teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, discipline, dedication and competition