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Spring Ridge Academy
Learn. Heal. Grow. Connect.
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Spring Ridge Academy
Learn. Heal. Grow. Connect.
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Spring Ridge Academy
Learn. Heal. Grow. Connect.
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Why Choose Spring Ridge Academy?

Honesty, Connection, Accountability, Responsibility, Respect

Our goal is for our graduates to leave Spring Ridge Academy with the confidence and skills to navigate a wide range of life challenges. We do this through a holistic approach that integrates therapy, family, community, and academics to ensure that our students have a well-rounded experience.

We believe that connection heals, so building relationships with our students and their families is a top priority. Our staff, from therapists to teachers to coaches, are trained in trauma-informed care to create a campus environment that is supportive and caring. At the same time, we provide a structure that promotes change, success, and excellence.

The Spring Ridge Academy Difference

Spring Ridge Academy students learn to balance their lives, including self-care, family, friends, school, and extra-curricular activities. They build trust-based relationships based on authenticity and honesty. At Spring Ridge, we want our students to become leaders of their lives by developing and operating from a personal system of values.

Every Spring Ridge Academy graduate leaves with a comprehensive, personalized transition plan that sets them up for success. A critical component of this is the monthly family visits, phone calls, and weekly family therapy. Building a supportive structure at home and providing the opportunity for the whole family to practice new skills is the key to success.

Student Stories

At Spring Ridge Academy we have a focused admissions criteria. The young women that Spring Ridge helps are bright, talented and highly creative individuals who are struggling to manage their lives.

Often these are young women involved in a variety of risky and/or addictive behaviors that are sabotaging their relationships and affecting their academic careers. The Spring Ridge student is very capable and talented but has lacked the self-esteem and self-discipline needed to be successful.

Here are some of their stories.

Facing Adversity

What I want to talk about today is adversity, as that is something we will all certainly face throughout our lives.

You Do and Say What You Do Out of Pure Care

I always have it stuck in the back of my mind that you do and say what you do out of pure care for our student body and, more specifically, me.

I know I’m the Lucky One

I don’t really have the words to describe how I feel at this moment. I remember watching these graduations from a classroom wearing my blue oxford and thinking, “I can’t imagine doing that. I feel like I’ll never get there.”

“I Sent Myself Here 10 Months Ago, and That Was the Best Decision of My Life”

Hey guys! Alright, so I guess we can just get right into it; I have been here for a very short amount of time—as many of you know—only 10 months. I will say that the last 10 months of my life have been the most challenging and tiring months of my life so far.

How a Pig Named Rufus Saved My Life

In my time at Spring Ridge, I’ve brought the life back into myself and come to love every part of it. I’ve discovered that life is precious, and I’ve found what makes it meaningful to me. I believe that the most valuable change in me is that I’ve learned to love; I’ve learned to love others, I’ve learned to love life and I’ve learned to love myself.

Who Am I?

Once upon a time, there was a curious little girl. This magical child saw herself as special and loved herself. As she grew older, that confidence and spontaneity disappeared. This magical child no longer felt good enough or worthy. The next few years became The Dark Years.

Growth Through Connection

I arrived at Spring Ridge Academy at 17, very much stuck inside the mind of a younger version of myself. I was lost, disconnected from the world, filled with self-hatred, and ready to give up.

The Phoenix

Dear Stranger: You don’t know much about me. Hey, I don’t know much about you. But please understand that I don’t care what you’ve done.

State of Crisis

When I was around the age of 17 I was in a state of crisis. I isolated myself from the world, secluded from my parents, my friends and even myself. I was in my second semester of my junior year of high school when, out of severe concern, my parents decided to send me to Spring Ridge Academy.

Can’t Into Cans

I’d like to start off today’s celebration by posing a question … What is education? Is it having a 4.0 GPA in high school? Is it getting a college degree from an Ivy League school? Or is it becoming a brain surgeon?

What Parents Say About Spring Ridge

  • I have never been at a place where the staff are all so committed to aiding the students to find their voice and their identity.

    Julia N.
  • The workshops that we attended were excellent. The way in which the different aspects of our daughter's time at Spring Ridge Academy were integrated was also excellent, i.e. therapy work, academics, community life and the overall family involvement were, I'm certain, very instrumental in us having a successful outcome as a family. In addition, the level of expertise and dedication of the staff was superb.

    Dale R.
  • Therapy was excellent, workshops were helpful, and seeing our daughter's re-engagement with school was truly outstanding.

    Michelle B.
  • I liked how Spring Ridge Academy encompassed the whole family to be involved in the process of healing, as we all benefited as well in our individual way and as a unit.

    Marta B.
  • The other girls seemed to love and support each other and I always had a good feeling about the staff and their sincere efforts to help the girls. I thought the staff did an excellent job keeping up with the revolving door of students and their individual needs...don't know how they did it. I doubt that other programs have the skill or resources to focus on bringing the family along with the child so that everyone has been given new tools to work on and experiential opportunities to grow.

    Donald B.
  • Not only did Spring Ridge Academy help my daughter rediscover herself, they engaged and challenged our whole family to participate, learn and grow alongside her. That has been the most significant experience of SRA; the family involvement.

  • Spring Ridge Academy helped establish appropriate boundaries within family context and gave our duaghter save environment to re-discover herself. School was also very good at helping her see me in a different light and to forge a better relationship.

    John V.
  • I enjoyed working with the staff. The parent workshops were very helpful to understanding myself and my daughter. The open dialogue and feedback. The POSITIVE nature of the program. Trust The Process!!!!!!!!!!

    John A.
  • Phases 3 and 4's integration and transition work to help integrate our daughter back into our home/family life. We liked all the workshops and the family therapy. They were extremely valuable to our family. We like that the program helped our daughter believe in herself and believe that her life has value. We valued the calls from the CLD. The graduations we attended were inspirational and very moving.

    Miriam B.
  • I enjoyed the process/journey. The Therapy sessions for our family were incredible. The parent workshops were very good. The calls with CLD were also excellent.

    Marilyn G.
  • Spring Ridge Academy was a kind and caring place. I liked the holistic approach that they take to school and treatment which helps the girls build self confidence.

    Gayle L.

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