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What sets Spring Ridge Academy apart from other programs is the quality of education we provide in a therapeutic setting.

An academic setting of excellence and success

We believe that in order for our students to succeed in life they must learn to succeed in the classroom. Our curriculum is designed to assist students who have struggled or fallen behind, as well as to challenge and prepare even the most dedicated student for future academic endeavors.

The core of a Spring Ridge Academy education is the learning process. The academic environment at Spring Ridge nurtures young women to become confident, competent, and responsible students while gaining the necessary skills to engage in and enjoy the life-long process of learning.

We place an emphasis on writing skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. Our program offers a classroom environment that is small and structured to promote individual accountability, creativity and integrity. Spring Ridge Academy is fully accredited by Cognia, and our teachers are certified, experienced and dedicated.

Each Spring Ridge Academy Student is Assigned an Academic Mentor

A mentor is a faculty member who provides academic counsel, support and encouragement to the student as she works toward reaching her maximum potential. The academic mentor works closely with the student’s therapist on a treatment team providing a holistic and efficient overall process.

In addition to treatment team meetings, the entire faculty meets every week to review the academic and social progress of each student and to plan ways to work together in order to guide all students toward success. Detailed comments from teachers or mentors are provided in a written update to assist parents in understanding their students’ academic progress.

Academics at a Glance

  • Individually focused
  • Teacher/student ratio of 1:12
  • Math class teacher/student ratio of 1:8
  • Accredited by Cognia
  • ACT/ SAT test prep
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • College preparatory curriculum
  • Year-round course offerings
  • College counseling
  • AP courses

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my daughter transition into classes after missing part of the semester?

It is not uncommon to see an intelligent, capable student who has skipped classes, failed courses and lost credit. Often when a student enters Spring Ridge Academy, she is faced with one or more of these challenges. At Spring Ridge, we can provide the opportunity for a student to fill the gaps in her academic background. Whether a student is enrolling directly from home, a wilderness program or treatment facility, our principal and teachers will create a schedule that is in alignment with her needs and academic ability.

What courses will my daughter take?

Spring Ridge Academy offers a wide variety of core academic courses and electives. Your daughter’s academic schedule is based on the credits on her transcript, her needs and strengths, and state requirements for a high school diploma.

Will credits transfer to other high schools and colleges?

Spring Ridge Academy is fully accredited by Cognia. All credits earned at Spring Ridge are recognized and transferable to both high schools and colleges.

What courses are offered in the arts?

Spring Ridge Academy places emphasis in the areas of visual and performing arts, offering a variety of courses and opportunities, including painting, drawing, animation, dance and yoga. For a full list, see course descriptions.

Is there tutoring available?

Tutoring is available to all students from faculty and assigned peer tutors. Extra help and tutoring time is offered during lunch and study hall.

What is the grading system and academic schedule?

Spring Ridge Academy offers year round coursework. The academic schedule consists of extended fall and spring semesters. Students take six courses for a half credit each. Students are graded on a standard A through F scale. Students must receive a grade of a C or higher to receive credit for a course.

What are the credentials of your teachers?

The highly-qualified faculty is certified in their content area of expertise. Through their years of teaching experience, they move each individual student beyond mere learning and recall to having the capacity to transfer what they learn to different situations and to use the knowledge creatively, fluently and flexibly in those situations.

Will my daughter have access to the internet and technology?

Spring Ridge utilizes current technology in preparing students for the demands of higher education while employing appropriate limits for the safety of our students. Many of our students have histories of abusing technology. Our academic program is designed to give students the appropriate exposure to online research and computer skills while limiting their access to social networks. There are opportunities for students to learn appropriate usage of social networking sites on the fourth phase of the program.

Do you offer AP courses?

Spring Ridge Academy offers AP courses in US History, English Literature and Composition, and Calculus.

Are test prep classes available and where is testing administered?

Spring Ridge Academy is an SAT and ACT test site and prep-classes are available for both tests.

Will the Spring Ridge Academy name on my daughter’s transcript affect her ability to be accepted to a college or university?

On the contrary, students often share their experience at Spring Ridge in their college admission process. Often Admissions Counselors and Deans are impressed by the maturity and insight of our young women. The ability to present one’s self honestly and confidently enhances our students’ desirability to many colleges and universities. In addition, Spring Ridge graduates often experience tremendous improvement in grades and GPA. Their newfound dedication to their education and intelligence is demonstrated in their achievement, further enhancing their opportunities in higher education.

Colleges that have accepted Spring Ridge Academy Graduates

Arizona State University
The Art Institute of Chicago
Baylor University
Bloomsburg University
Bravard College
Brown University
Chapman University
Coastal Carolina College
Curry College
DePaul University
Fairfield University
Fort Lewis College
Frostburg State University
Georgia College
Indiana University Southeast
Ithaca College
Jacksonville University
Kapeolani College
Lasell College
Lesley University
Lewis & Clark College
Long Beach State University
Louisiana State University
Lynn University
Lynnfield College
Marymount College
Messiah College
Middlebury College
New York University
Northern Arizona University
Oregon State University
Prescott College
Parsons, New School NYC
Plattsburg State University
Rhode Island School of Design
Sam Houston State
St. Edwards University
St. Johns University
St. Mary’s College of California
Shippensburg University
Scottsdale Community College
Seton Hall University
Simmons College
Southeastern Career College
Stanford University
Temple University
Texas A & M
Towsen State University, MD
University of Arizona
University of Central Florida
University of Kansas
University of Maryland
University of Miami
University of New Hampshire
University of Notre Dame
University of the Pacific
University of Southern California
University of Texas, San Antonio
University of Vermont
West Virginia University