Borges, Veronica

Veronica began working with battered women as a volunteer over 22 years ago, which prompted her interest in psychology. She began her education at Sonoma State University, where she received a BA in psychology.

At the same time, Veronica cut her teeth in the streets of some of the roughest towns in the San Francisco bay area counseling at risk adolescents, and managing programs at a non-profit clinic for youth in the criminal justice, and foster care systems. Veronica loves working with teens because they embody the process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Wanting to practice a holistic approach to counseling, Veronica pursued a MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from J.F.K University where she developed skills in Gestalt, Jungian, psychodynamic, and attachment theories. SRA is the perfect fit because her background aligns with the philosophy and mission of our community.