Facing Adversity

Many 5 pointed stars of various sizes in green, yellow, pink, and bluw

Well, Spring Ridge Academy, we are here, and it was definitely a journey, to say the least. Together we shared lots of laughs and tears. I am proud to be up here today speaking as I can honestly look every one of you in the eyes and say you have invested in my treatment. 

What I want to talk about today is adversity, as that is something we will all certainly face throughout our lives. I also want to remind you that we have all already faced adversity multiple times throughout our time together in this program. We’ve had staff and students leave, and there was uncertainty, but we persevered. Then we’ve had new staff come in, we had to adapt to new styles and expectations, but we again persevered. When community members had setbacks, myself included, we didn’t just cast them aside; we rallied behind them. That’s one of the things I love most about this place, the support that we are so willing to give each other. 

I have learned many lessons from my time at SRA; a few being, there is always room for improvement; anyone can benefit from extra treatment; awfulizing is not actually a word in the dictionary; and how important the community is to recovery. I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical when I came to Spring Ridge Academy. I didn’t have many close friends in the program, and I didn’t think the staff could relate to me. I quickly learned that I was wrong. Not only did I find out that the staff truly cared about us, but also there were people from all different walks of life that could relate to my struggles. Trust was built, and friendships were formed. 

I have many thank yous to give out. For starters, my amazing caseload,  you guys have given me endless support and I appreciate you guys so much. To my other close friends, for keeping me smiling as much as possible. A special thank you to all the staff here for becoming some of my close friends and companions, and for holding me accountable no matter what. Especially Amber and Lesa, for constantly giving me a hard time and joking around with me, but also pushing me to be the best version of myself no matter what. Thank you to Cindy and Angie for the hours we spent together refurbishing, as I would like to call it, my family system. Thank you to my Dad and step-mom for being two of the best parents and friends I could ever ask for. But most importantly, thank you to my mom, for being my forever friend, for loving me when I was not capable of loving myself. You are the greatest gift this program has given me, and I love you. 

Some of us are getting ready to go home, and others still have a little ways to go. Regardless of your circumstances, I encourage everyone here to find a way to stay involved, because remember; recovery never ends. Thank you.