How a Pig Named Rufus Saved My Life

Spring Ridge Academy's Pig Rufus

Trauma took over my body almost every day. I was terrified of the world and didn’t know how to cope with it. I acted out, was mean, I ran away, and I hated myself. The more everyone tried to control, the more I pushed everyone away. I backed myself into a tight corner, and I was sinking. I was extremely close to dying; I didn’t want to surrender. I didn’t want to admit that I was powerless. I hated the concept of defeat. I closed my eyes and waited for God to finish me off, praying for the pain to go away.

Then I saw it. Not a light or a hand but a pig. God gave me this amazing opportunity to care for, something to love, something to fight for, to survive for.

Rufus taught me frustration tolerance, compassion, patience, empathy, love and to keep my head held up high when things get tough. Because of Rufus, I surrendered and admitted that I was powerless. I found God, who gave me a second chance at life. Now, Rufus is going through some training and is doing so well. He’s my child, my love.


Rufus is a two-year-old potbelly pig. He was adopted by Spring Ridge Academy on June 23, 2021, after his owners could no longer care for him. The student who wrote this piece is one of his primary caregivers.