State of Crisis

Luna’s Story

When I was around the age of 17 I was in a state of crisis. I isolated myself from the world, secluded from my parents, my friends and even myself. I was in my second semester of my junior year of high school when, out of severe concern, my parents decided to send me to Spring Ridge Academy. At first I was apprehensive toward their decision to send me away because I realized I had no control over their decision. After the first few days my apprehension turned to anger. I felt abandoned and even more alone than I was at home.

After two months of being at SRA I had to decide if I wanted to continue a path of, ultimately, self-destruction and misery or change my perception of life and actively seek some sort of happiness for myself. In a state of desperation, I decided I wanted to change.

I learned how to properly and effectively deal with my emotions, actively make decisions for myself, live in the moment, and have faith in myself and others. I spent more than a year at SRA where I practiced these lessons every day and, by the end of my time in boarding school I was a new person. I embodied more self empowerment, I enjoyed my life, and I developed a much better sense of who I was individually, and who I wanted to be in the future.