Students Lauded for Accomplishments as Spring Ridge Semester Ends

“Treatment has no room for perfection. Compliance is only short-term. Compliance should never be the long-term goal.” - Suzie Courtney, Executive Director, Spring Ridge Academy

As the Spring Ridge Academy semester came to an end in June, all students were given high praise for their excellent accomplishments.

“You are the core of campus, period, end of story” SRA Principal Justin Zych said.  “Your work is always admirable.”

Justin continued with the encouraging words. “Attention, commitment and follow through makes a difference in your life,” he said.

Some students walked away with awards presented by the SRA staff as a result of their extraordinary skills, talents and work ethic.

For Academic Excellence in Mathematics, Mila received an award and a whole lot of praise. “This student does not give up,” he said, before handing out the award.  “This student endured a math class every day, and doubled up on math.”

Chloe received special recognition from Math Teacher Ken Stubbe.  “This student is intense,” Justin said.  “The desire to do well academically has a special place in her daily activity.”

For Academic Merit, Campbell walked away with top honors. “This person has shown initiative in her learning process and she steps up to help when necessary,” Justin said to the crowd.

Other students received top awards, too. Dance and yoga teacher Gretchen Foster gave an award to Isabella. “I gave her an award really because she worked through a lot of struggles in my class.  She showed incredible humility,” Gretchen said.

Olivia, also an SRA student, walked away with awards in Fine Arts and Spanish.