Kyleen has been involved with physical fitness for the majority of her life. During the past four years, her workouts have evolved into rigorous training in the sport of CrossFit.

Kyleen has experienced both emotional and physical transformation through her CrossFit training, which has fueled her passion for health and wellness. Kyleen’s passion for physical fitness, and the desire to help others, has positioned her to train and coach individuals toward overcoming physical barriers and to promote their emotional healing.

In 2014, Kyleen obtained her CrossFit Trainers Certificate and has since obtained additional certifications in specialized areas of CrossFit techniques. She continues to challenge herself by competing in local, regional and national level CrossFit and lifting events.

Kyleen has lived in the Prescott area for the past 10 years, working in the areas of substance abuse and trauma recovery. She earned a BA in human development and visual arts from Prescott College and she is very excited about bringing her passion, training and experience to Spring Ridge Academy.

The results Kyleen experienced, both emotionally and physically, were so transformative, that her passion for the sport of cross training continues to grow. Within the community of her local CrossFit gym, Kyleen learned the power of coaching others and the emotional healing that results from overcoming physical barriers. Kyleen obtained her CrossFit trainers certificate in 2014, and has since obtained certificates in certain CrossFit specialized training’s.

While living in Prescott Arizona, for the last 8 years, Kyleen has worked in the field of substance abuse and trauma recovery; along the way, earning her BA in human development and visual arts from Prescott College in 2010. Kyleen is excited to contribute her skills in physical fitness, coupled with trauma recovery to the community at Spring Ridge Academy; and to build excitement amongst the students as they develop a strong and confident version of themselves.