Our Philosophy

We address our students’ needs through a thorough, multi-faceted therapeutic program, a challenging but supportive academic environment with our fully accredited college preparatory school.

We Offer a Multi-faceted Therapeutic Program


Parents choose Spring Ridge Academy because they believe their daughters have reached a point where they cannot thrive in their home environment. This is a difficult decision and one that requires parents to trust and accept assistance in caring for their daughters.

At Spring Ridge Academy, we understand the magnitude of this decision and our responsibility in facilitating a nurturing, meaningful and safe experience for our students and families.


We believe that in order for our students to succeed in life they must learn to succeed in the classroom. Our curriculum is designed to assist students who have struggled or fallen behind, as well as to challenge and prepare even the most dedicated student for future academic endeavors.

The core of a Spring Ridge Academy education is the learning process. The academic environment at SRA nurtures young women to become confident, competent, and responsible students while gaining the necessary skills to engage in and enjoy the life-long process of learning.

We place an emphasis on writing skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. Our program offers a classroom environment that is small and structured to promote individual accountability, creativity and integrity.

Self Care / Nutrition

For students entering SRA, self-care may have become a low priority due to issues related to depression, anxiety, immaturity and negative beliefs about self-worth. Learning and practicing appropriate self-care reinforces healthy and mature behavior and self-enhancing beliefs regarding self-worth, value and competence. Taking on age appropriate responsibility for self-care gives our young women the confidence and ability to create lifestyle choices that promote health and well-being.

The diet at Spring Ridge Academy provides a variety of healthy nutrients offering students the opportunity to expand their palates and learn to nourish themselves appropriately without relying on food as an escape or soothing mechanism.

Students enjoy a balanced menu consisting of whole grains, high-quality meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. We also assist the young women who have an unhealthy relationship with food, whether through avoidance or dependence, to reframe their feelings and attitudes.


Creativity, art and dance are the common thread that ties our therapy and academics together. By allowing students to express themselves creatively we can identify core issues that need to be addressed. This all leads to an open and supportive culture that encourages connection and growth.

Artistic Movement

Our Artistic Movement class is a playful and connection-building class. The focus of the class is on becoming comfortable and familiar with our bodies and the many ways we can move them to gain better physical and emotional well-being.

The course combines traditional yoga, acrobatic yoga, modern dance technique, and dance improvisation. We study yoga asana, the basics of yoga philosophy, and meditation techniques. We strength train and learn how to give and take weight with a yoga partner, making trust, communication, and teamwork essential. Students learn the basics of modern dance techniques and also experience improvisation and dancing for the sake of self-expression.

All students participate in choreographing dance pieces and acro yoga routines that students perform at the end of each semester. The class environment is fun and light-hearted and is perfect for students of all levels and abilities.


High school athletics represent a valuable opportunity to experience teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, discipline, dedication and competition.

Whether a student has a background in competitive athletics or is interested in trying something new, there are a variety of athletic teams and opportunities offered at SRA.

Sports Include:
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Cross-Country

Teams practice after school, during extracurricular time. Games are scheduled with schools and independent teams in the area. The cross-country team enjoys access to 5K, 10K and half marathon races in the area.

We help your daughter find her own sense of self, learn to love herself and to make choices that support change, success and excellence

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist your daughter to honestly identify and define her own values, beliefs and opinions independently of what she thinks others want from her. This foundation of success and self-esteem assists each student to continue to make choices that reinforce self-respect while enrolled at SRA and as she transitions into young adulthood.

These choices include maintaining healthy, productive relationships with family and peers, continuing to face and cope with addictions and challenges, completing and excelling in her education and being honest with herself and others.

Even if she should veer off course, a graduate of Spring Ridge Academy has the ability to regroup, ask for help and continue with her growth.