Your Choice

Choosing the right therapeutic environment is difficult for any family. We want you to have as much information as possible as you make this decision, so you can choose what is best. Please see our testimonials and ask for our parent reference list to help you learn more about Spring Ridge and how we can support you.

Student Testimonials

Our students experience a challenging but supportive environment that helps build resilience and prepares them for life’s challenges. 

I feel as if almost all of my treatment goals have been met, and I feel as if my treatment team has been more than helpful in helping me to achieve these goals.

I love ceramics so much, and it’s really beneficial for me. It really lets me get away from everything for a bit and do something that brings me joy.

I have been having so much more fun, and I feel like I am truly supported and represented by my treatment team.

I had so much fun at this club, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to ride horses.

The line staff does a great job making everyone feel welcome, while also doing their jobs. They do great establishing and maintaining relationships.

I have learned a lot here about myself and grown exponentially as a person.

I have been working so much on trauma and how to identify trauma-based behaviors in my everyday life. I also have gotten so far in my family relationship, which I am forever grateful for.

We did EMDR, and we were able to alter my master treatment plan, which helped me see how far I have truly come.

I feel much more comfortable opening up to my parents and it is very therapeutic to be able to talk to my family

My caseload is great and I feel they are all some of my closest and best friends.

I’m grateful for the opportunity I was given by being in adventure club. I am hopeful that I will be able to continue being in this club and go skiing.

My Academic Advisor is always checking in on me whenever they have a concern that they would like me to pay attention to and also to congratulate me.

Parent Testimonials

The parent experience at Spring Ridge Academy offers unique challenges and rewards. Listen to what our alumni parents have to say about their experience during and after Spring Ridge. 

I saw girls finding joy, engaged in classes, caring staff, dedicated teachers, accessible and responsive administrators, talented and creative therapists, engaged families, and girls doing the hard work of recovery. Was it perfect? Of course not. Are there some easy solutions to some of the “problems” I saw? Yes. Did I leave with renewed confidence? 100%

I was happy our daughter had a safe environment to be free from the public turmoil caused by the pandemic.

She is still a 15-year-old, and there will certainly be bumps ahead, but I feel like the future looks a lot brighter.

I especially appreciate Spring Ridge Academy’s goal of helping the student and family work together, so the student remains connected to her family and improves her relationship with family.

The fact that Spring Ridge Academy is able to keep the kids and staff safe and the school is able to follow a pretty normal schedule shows leadership.

The movement work was also excellent.  Dancing, especially in front of strangers, is not my daughter’s thing.  But she did it and performed twice during academic awards!  This was a HUGE win for her. I also loved the many activities like kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, swimming that she was still able to do even during a pandemic.

The adults at Spring Ridge Academy seemed to genuinely care about our daughter and her future. She formed very strong bonds with several staff members.

I think it’s helpful that Spring Ridge Academy does not let therapeutic issues completely overshadow academic requirements. We needed our daughter to get things together academically as much as therapeutically and Spring Ridge Academy held her accountable for that.

No prescription meds in her life! 

Everyone in the staff was kind, helpful and supportive to our daughter and us.

We felt our daughter was safe at Spring Ridge Academy and are grateful for her transformation.

We got our daughter back.  She was going down a bad road and in the time she has been home 11 days now has shown a huge change.

All the people we worked with were professional and really dedicated and passionate. We liked the overall support as well as the experience.

The academic staff were professional and really added to her success.

The weekly Parent Zooms were helpful. I liked being able to hear from and see other parents.

Our mission is to create an environment where students and their families can learn, heal, grow, and connect.