Spring Ridge Students Jumping in a Circle


Our Mission

To create an environment where our students and their families can learn, heal, grow, and connect.

Our Vision

Spring Ridge Academy is committed to change, success, and excellence through creating an emotionally, physically, academically, socially, and spiritually nurturing environment that

  • challenges self-limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors inhibiting life experiences,
  • establishes self-enhancing beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors embracing life challenges,
  • nourishes the development of social, occupational, and life skills, building a foundation for actualizing change by accepting individual choice,
  • provides an opportunity to establish a valuable sense of self, healthy boundaries, personal reality, wants and needs, and moderation,
  • provides the opportunity for families to establish communication, cooperation, and an environment conducive to growth and transformation,
  • establishing an authentic connection with self the capacity for an intimate connection with others; and
  • generates motivated, confident, accountable, and responsible leaders in and assets to their community.

Spring Ridge Academy‚Äôs program consists of six integrated facets–emotional, academic, physical, community, family, and spiritual–to meet the needs of our students. To do this, we provide

  • a therapeutic program which includes, but is not limited to individual, group, and family therapy,
  • a comprehensive academic curriculum focusing on mastery of basic and advanced skills,
  • a personalized academic program focusing on college prep,
  • a unique, multi-faceted humanities program integrating the arts to enhance an understanding of self, community, and history,
  • a series of workshops for families, and
  • an extensive transition curriculum that centers on the development of social, occupational, and life skills.

Our Values

Spring Ridge Academy addresses the issues of adolescent, biological females and their families through a multi-faceted and integrated approach. Our team creates accountability and responsibility through open lines of honest communication, mutual respect for all areas of the program, and acknowledging the contribution of every member of our community.