Carol Sowards


Carol has spent a major part of her life exploring and learning about language, whether her native English, or another one, such as French or Spanish. She has been teaching at Spring Ridge Academy for eight-and-a-half years now.

She possesses a bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara in Comparative Literature, French and English. Her master’s degree is from Eastern Washington University in English and Creative Writing. She has an Arizona Teaching Certificate at the Secondary Level.

Carol has had the chance to travel quite a lot to countries where French and Spanish are spoken and to experience the richness of the cultural exchange. When she spent a year as a university student at the University of Aix-Marseille in southern France, she had the opportunity to completely immerse herself in the richness of another language and to experience a great variety of student exchanges with others from around the globe. This was one of the most exciting times of her life and truly inspired her about the possibility to become more that foreign languages and cultures can provide.

Meanwhile, she has been struck by the intimate connection each of us has with our own tongue, and this has prompted her to believe that crossing the bridge to speak to someone else in their own language is a worthy thing to do.

At our present time, Carol believes that nothing could be more important than to convey the possibility of creating wider understanding and empathy in our world. Learning a foreign language is one of the most dedicated and deep-seated ways we can demonstrate that we desire to be more than insular and self-absorbed, whether as an individual or a country. This is why she finds teaching foreign languages is a very compelling endeavor.