Barb joined Spring Ridge Academy 2013 and fell in love with the level of work she could provide to our young women. For the last 32 years, Barb has worked her own program of recovery. Barb spent most of her professional career in medicine .

A key component to Barb’s personal recovery is giving back, providing service to other struggling women, and this calling led to a career shift. Her “one day at a time” mantra is apparent every Halloween when Barb becomes a parrot one feather at a time. Her metamorphosis from Barb to a parrot takes one month.

In 2016, Barb inspired Spring Ridge to create the position of Recovery Program Support Specialist. In this role, she mentors students who are interested in or need of a recovery program supplementing their treatment plan and transition planning. Barb works with students who have issues with substance abuse and dependence, process addictions, and students who have been impacted by addiction through ALANON/ALATEEN. Barb utilizes a multi-modal approach including, 12 Step Programs and Traditions, Mindful Recovery, and Rational Recovery.

Barb directs students through various assignments including step work and exploring thoughts and feelings about substance use. Barb also works with parents in coordinating relapse prevention plans. Spring Ridge Academy students are exposed to on and off campus 12 step meetings. Off campus meetings consist of a variety of 12 step meetings in our community, including women’s and young people’s.

Barb customizes meeting attendance based on student needs. Students annually have the opportunity to attend Arizona State Council of Young People in AA Conference.