As students across the country get ready to celebrate the huge milestone of graduation, Spring Ridge Academy is looking back fondly at its many success stories over the years.

Through heartfelt graduation and program transition speeches, past graduates have highlighted their struggles, but also pointed to the life obstacles they have overcome.

“This speech is a testament to how far I’ve come,” one young woman wrote.  “Seventeen months ago, this would have been a minute and a half of sentences that didn’t mean anything to me and a reflection of what I thought everyone wanted to hear.  That’s not how I show up anymore.”

The girl went on to say Spring Ridge Academy helped her forge a path in life.

“I make choices because I love myself and I want to be the best of myself,” she said.

In 2017, another young person wrote a heartfelt transition speech in which she lauded those at SRA for helping shape her into the successful woman she is today.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the therapists and administration team here on campus,” her speech says.  “Each one of you has had a positive influence in my life at SRA.”

The girl explained how even a simple smile meant the world to her while enrolled at the academy.

You all have contributed to my progress here,” she wrote.  “Thank you.”

She explained that undying patience, compassion and hard work contributed to her success as a student.  “All I can say is thank you for being guides, mentors and family to me in the process.”

The girl had a strong message to fellow students starting at SRA, urging them to never give up.

“I want to encourage you not to lose sight of what is in store for you after you leave here,” she wrote.  “Just because you are here, does not make you a failure–in fact it makes you a survivor,” she said.  “You have saved yourself by coming here.”