‘Spring Ridge Academy gave me a huge toolbox when I was 16,’ graduate says

Years after attending Spring Ridge Academy, the profound memories are still fresh in Eliza Epifano’s mind.  So are the lessons.

“I had to learn who I was.  And that was a really challenging thing and I think that is something I still carry with me today.  It’s an evolutionary process,” she said.

A process she hangs on to all these years later.

“There were a lot of things that I was taught at Spring Ridge Academy, about taking care of myself and honoring my body which I never looked at, never thought about, never,” Eliza said.

For Eliza, SRA was a place to be herself, learn and grow into a young woman.

“It provided a safe environment for me to explore who I was, and who I am today.  I left Spring Ridge Academy, I left to return to boarding school and I just remember leaving there and almost not wanting to leave because I never felt so loved before, just for me,” she said.

As she looks back on her time at SRA, she does so fondly.

“As you grow older, you learn how to handle things differently with the tools that you’re given and I think Spring Ridge Academy gave me a huge toolbox when I was 16.  And I didn’t know how to use all those tools at that time but I’m now 40 and I use a lot of those tools now that I was taught then,” she said.