Spring Ridge Academy’s Response to Negative Reviews

Recovering, accepting the help, coming to terms with the fact that I couldn’t keep living the way I had been was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. -Spring Ridge Alumna

We’ve Googled ourselves, and it ain’t pretty. We acknowledge that and how scary that can be to a current parent, potential parent, potential student, educational consultants, and even our staff.

A small group of former students has used multiple platforms to spread misinformation about who we are and what we do. They have encouraged people who have never been on our campus, met us, or experienced our program to write negative reviews.

We have tried to reach out, encouraged them to talk to us about their experience, only to have our hope of an open, honest conversation distorted and used as fodder for another post.

We’re heartbroken.

We are a group of professionals, many of whom have licenses and educational backgrounds that have taught us to recognize the signs of abuse, neglect, and trauma. We would never knowingly let our students, who are here to heal, experience those things at our hands. We are here to heal, not harm.

Spring Ridge comprises so many wonderful people who have dedicated their careers to helping our students and their families. People who grow with us, learn with us, and lead with us to create an environment where families can learn, heal, grow, and connect.

Mental health is a tricky science. Mental health professionals and programs can create a structure and opportunities for people to heal. Still, it is in the client’s control how they use that structure and opportunities and how they sustain what they learn in therapy throughout their lives.

We wish there was a simpler solution, something easy that doesn’t require residential placement. But that is not the reality, and we want to help as many young people and families as we can for as long as we can.

Young people deserve to have values, esteem, passion, and a sense of self. They deserve to be empowered, have a voice in their lives, build life-long relationships, and have access to excellent education designed with their needs in mind. They don’t deserve bouts of depression that keep them in bed or debilitating anxiety that prevents them from living. They don’t deserve to be controlled by their trauma or self-limiting beliefs. Families should relish in connection, not pine for it.

Everyone deserves more.

Here’s what we truly believe in:

Honesty—It’s not always pretty. Most people don’t like to face the truth, but it is key to building trust and genuinely understanding a situation. We encourage you to be honest with us, and we will be honest with you. Ask us anything.

Respect—Every person deserves respect. We respect you and treat you with kindness and compassion regardless of who you are and where you are on your journey.

Connection—We believe to our core that relationships create healing. The more we connect and understand each other as human beings, the more we accept ourselves and others.

Accountability—We define accountability as the ability to account for your actions. This is a practice we live at Spring Ridge every single day. What went wrong? What went right? Where have we been, and how does that influence where we are now?

Responsibility—This is our ability to respond to our understanding of where we have been and where we are and recognizing that we have the choice to change. We ask responsibility of anyone who is at our program—students, staff, family members. The choice to change is the most powerful tool any person or organization has. Our commitment to accountability and responsibility is why we are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and accredited by the Joint Commission and Cognia.

Cutting Edge Therapy—We believe in lifelong learning, in staying current in our practices so that we can offer our best to our clines.

Growth—All of our previous values require a willingness and commitment to professional and personal development and listening to the feedback we get from our clients and external professionals. We are not the program we were when we started 24 years ago. We are not the program we were 1 year ago.

If you want to have an open, honest conversation with us about our practices, our values, or our negative reviews, we welcome it.

Visit. Zoom. Call. Email. Connect.

You are essential to us living our values.