Suzie Discusses Quality Treatment on Podcast

“Treatment has no room for perfection. Compliance is only short-term. Compliance should never be the long-term goal.” - Suzie Courtney, Executive Director, Spring Ridge Academy

This week, Suzie Courtney, Executive Director of Spring Ridge Academy, was a guest on the Wilderness Therapy & Residential Treatment Center Journey podcast hosted by Andy Goldstrom of Parents Journey to discuss the philosophy and practices of Spring Ridge Academy. 

Andy asked Suzie to share her background, the Spring Ridge program, the therapeutic approach, a success story, and the value of practice as part of a student and family’s healing process. 

“Practice makes permanent” arose as a theme of the conversation: “We look for families to be able to navigate difficulty or conflict in a different way—certainly while giving them skills and ways to do that, but allowing the process to, at times, be difficult and be okay working through it with support. To have the capacity to make mistakes and rebound. That’s evidence of resilience. If I don’t learn how to make mistakes while I’m in treatment, how am I going to know how to make mistakes when I am out of treatment?” noted Suzie. 

Andy observed at the end of the interview, “One of the things I really love about speaking with folks like yourself is just the passion about serving the community and the passion about their programs. And it certainly comes out in the way you articulate everything about Spring Ridge Academy.” 

 Suzie has been a long-time fan of the podcast and has shared it with parents as an additional resource for Spring Ridge parents. The podcast was developed to help parents whose children are in wilderness and residential treatment. Its third season highlights different high-quality, safe wilderness and residential therapeutic environments. Past seasons has episodes centering on parents participating in the healing process, securing funding for mental health care, and psychoeducation from experts in the field.

The podcast episode, which was released on July 1, is available on these platforms: 

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