You Do and Say What You Do Out of Pure Care

Girl sitting with a key hole in her back, holding a key. A ribbon wraps around her saying Your freedom is a state of mind. Words say courage is required to embrace truth.

I was talking to Kate about this earlier today, but I felt like my words weren’t articulate enough to express the gratitude I have towards you all. So I am writing this with the hope that maybe it will make more sense and be more meaningful for me. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I am potentially leaving soon, and whenever I think about it, I actually get a little sentimental about this place.

When I first got to Spring Ridge, I told myself that I would always hate it here and, more importantly, never give into therapy. As the days and weeks and months passed, I slowly started to realize that you all are on my team, and maybe, in fact, I did need therapy. Although you all have “made” me mad in some way or another, I always have it stuck in the back of my mind that you do and say what you do out of pure care for our student body and, more specifically, me.

As I was coming to the realization that you all put forth so much effort into making this the best place for me, I realized that I was kind of shitty to you all in the process of me getting better. The point of this letter isn’t to bring up the past, so I won’t go much into detail about that.
I told myself that when I felt truly ready to be a strong leader and step it up in this community, I would thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart. Now, I think that I am ready. I am ready to step into my role of leadership and responsibility, and even thank you guys for helping me through it. The reason I wanted to waited until I felt truly ready was because I wanted my actions to back up the words I said to you guys. I feel that a thank you should be sincere and genuine rather than empty and meaningless.

You all have helped me in so many ways. Whether it was letting me sleep my first day here or helping me get on the path to finish my GED, you were and always will be there to support my success in the best way you possibly can.

I remember when my aunt had died, and I was extremely torn about it. I really felt as though no one could help me out of the emotions I was feeling because I thought no one understood. I walked into Brandon and Suzie’s office and simply told Suzie that my aunt had passed. She responded with, “I know honey, I’m so sorry,” and gave me a hug. In that moment, I wasn’t worried about anyone understanding anymore. I was more touched by the fact that Suzie had been so thoughtful and kind.

My point is that, now since I have been at SRA for so long and learned so much. I can finally say I have a home away from home. It takes a lot to put up with some of the shit I pulled, and you all have stuck with me since day one. I am finally at the place where I can look back on these (maybe at the time awful) memories and take them as more reason that you all cared so deeply about me and every girl here. I never thought that I would say, “I am an intelligent, bright, brave, and caring leader who loves to learn!” But I did, and I will continue to say that for as long as I can possibly speak because I truly mean it. There are so many things that I could thank you guys for, but this letter would be about ten pages long, and I know you’re all pretty busy with work and stuff, so I don’t want to make you read an essay, but I’ll end this with one last thing: Spring Ridge has given me the opportunity to take my life back, and more importantly, live it for ME. I will forever hold this school and each one of you close to my heart because, without you all, I wouldn’t be the young lady I’ve turned into.